CD and DVD  from Video or Audio 

Video Transfer
 VHS to DVD 19.95
 Computer AVI File  50.00 per 1/2 hour playing time
 Mini to DVD 19.95 
Hi8,8mm,Digital8 to DVD  19.95
 DV Cam to DVD 19.95
 DVC Pro to DVD 19.95 
3/4" Betamax to DVD  29.95
 I-Pod Video 19.95
 Betamax to DVD 19.95
All formats to DVD  Addition copies 5.95 each at Transfer 
Audio Transfer
Audio Cassettes  29.95 
16" records to CD  35.00 
Reel to Reel to CD 29.95 per reel 
Audio to WAV file  20.00 per 1/2 hour playing time 

Computer Correction : Static, microphone, Hiss and pop, Crowd Noise
 Special projects $65.00 per hour
Additional CD copies at transfer 4.99 each
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